The Hammond Organ

The Hammond organ was intended to be an affordable alternative to the pipe organ, but it ended up becoming far better known as an instrument for jazz and rock and roll music. I have an H100 at home (that I got for free from a funeral home!!) to practice my hymns for church. Not the Hammond's forte, but it does it better than you might expect. The photo shows Laurens Hammond seated at his new invention in 1935, the first electric organ. I stole it from the Hammond page of I never heard back when I asked permission, but I'm pretty sure it is in the public domain. Someone slap me if it is not.

  • (Video)Here's a bit of funk and pretty much the coolest thing I've ever heard.
  • (Video)Here's a bit of jazz and pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen.
  • (Video)Here's a very well done 10-minute documentary about the Hammond organ.

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