Finally a Silent Film (short) on Youtube!

  • Finally a silent film short on YouTube accompanied by theater pipe organ! Before "talkies", every movie theater had a pipe organ if they could afford one, or a piano if they couldn't, and an organist/pianist to do the sound effects and soundtrack, live. Very funny and very well done here, on an orphaned theater organ that was installed in a pizza restaurant. Keep in mind that EVERY sound, except audience laughter and clapping, is being made by the organ, acoustically, including the percussion sounds and all. The xylophone sound is an actual xylophone with pneumatic mallets being controlled from the keyboards, the car horn is an actual car horn activated by a button on the console, and the bird whistle sound is made by a small organ pipe submerged in water. There are drums and cymbals featured in a few places, also operated by the organist from the console.
  • And here's a fun piano/ organ ragtime duet, on a similar theater pipe organ.

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