Alain Litanies

  • This is a video that will go down in history. This is the sister of one of the greatest 20th century composers who died in World War II. That she is still alive and well to share his music with us is incredible. Not very many people can interpret this difficult piece well, let alone at 80 years old. This piece sounds awful when not played well, and awesome otherwise. Goosebump material, this.

    One of the cool things about this piece is the groovy asymmetrical meter. This is the only performance of this piece where I've ever heard this pulled off well.

    If you don't know French, fast forward to 1:29, that's where the interview ends and the music starts.

  • Here is another modern piece I like, by John Weaver, also played by John Weaver, on a Wicks pipe organ. I like I found it on the Wicks Organ Company website, and direct linked to the mp3 with the kind permission of Mark Wick.

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